How to use perfume by Normcore Fragrance

Fragrances have been around for longer than we can imagine. Nowadays, it's a standard routine for many people, with many of us not starting the day without wear our favourite scents.
Yet, to get the most out of your perfume, you will want to use it or store it correctly. The below are tips on how to use perfume and 5 things you should or should not with your beloved scent.
  • You shouldn't rub it on your skin.

Many of us will think, put on the fragrance on our inner wrists, behind our ear lobes, knees and just rub the fragrance even on our skin. Actually not. While fragrance should be applied to our body's pulse points, it should not be rubbed in on your skin. 
Rubbing perfume on your skin makes the top notes wear off faster before they can settle in on your skin. Instead, spray the perfume on to your skin and let it sink in naturally. It will be a hard habit to break (Trust me on this), but you'll find the fragrance leans around for longer. 
  • You shouldn't spray it on your hair.

 Some of us will think that spraying fragrance directly onto our hair will make the perfume smell last longer. While you might feel that the scent is more robust at first, it can be actually bad for your hair.
Perfume usually contains a good amount of alcohol. The alcohol can dry out your hair and damage your scalp. Also, the scents won't last that long as you think.
If you want your hair to smell good, try using hair perfume instead. They are made explicitly for you to wear on your hair and make it smell fabulous.
  • You should store your fragrance well.

You want to keep your fragrance collection in its best condition. Ideally, your fragrance should be kept in dry, dark and cool and indirect sunlight. Find a place in your home that has a more consistent temperature, like in a wardrobe.
Actually, the fridge could be a perfect place to keep your fragrance bottle due to the consistent temperature it can keep away from heat, light and humidity. Maybe it's time to clear some space for your fragrance collection!
  • You should moisturise your skin before you wear your fragrance.

One easy way to make the fragrance last for longer is to moisturise your skin before wearing it on your skin. Dry skin could cause the fragrance to wear off faster into the air. When you moisture your skin first, it can help your skin take in the scent. You could also apply your fragrance just after taking a shower, as your skin is moister.  
  • You shouldn't judge the scent by the first instance.

When buying and finding yourself a new fragrance, take it slow. The first scent of perfume smells variously from when all the notes created are released at once, and it can take a few hours. When trying a new fragrance, we recommend leaving it on your skin for longer and making the decision after feeling the scents' complete picture.
If you are looking for some niche fragrance. Check out our perfume collection.

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