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HIBA Refresher Mist

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KITOWA Refresher Mist HIBA is a spray-type fragrance with a luxurious scent. A perfume-like presence with a striking wooden lid and square-bottle that can be gently sprayed in your room and linen.

KITOWA Refresher Mist HIBA contains Hiba oil from Aomori prefecture. The contrast between the pine needle and tea tree gives a refreshing feeling to the solid woody scent. Sweet and warm Tonka Bean and Amber spread as keynotes, giving a luxurious finish. The Natural Hiba oil uses in Refresher Mist HIBA contains hinokitiol, which is expected to have an antibacterial effect. Fragrance uses naturally derived alcohol extracted from sugar cane (concentration 80% or more). which features a mellow scent.

How to use


Ventilate the room and then spray into the air 4-5 times (per room) if you like. The fragrance spreads refreshingly.

Fabric / Linen:

Spray on pillows, sheets, linen and fabric at least 30 cm apart 2-3 times. The scent spreads gently.

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