Eau de Parfum HINOKI - Normcore Fragrance
Eau de Parfum HINOKI - Normcore Fragrance
KITOWA Eau de Parfum Hinoki - Normcore Fragrance

HINOKI Eau de Parfum

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Eau de Parfum HINOKI is for intellectual elegance adults with unwavering confidence, searching for hidden passion and strong will. This is a fragrance dedicated to those who love to shine. 

Contains cypress oil from Mie prefecture. 

Hinoki has been revered as a sacred tree in Japan for a long time. The mysterious and refreshing woody scent gives a lively cypress exhilaration. Iris, which has the image of a whitebark, drifts elegantly, and the scent of sandalwood adds depth. 

KITOWA uses naturally derived alcohol extracted from sugar cane which features a mellow scent that is can be gently put on the skin.

TOP: Cypress Mint White Pepper

MIDDLE: Hinoki Geranium Iris

BASE: Cedarwood Frankincense Sandalwood

Content: 100 ml

Made in Japan

  • Official Kitowa Stockist

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