Brand Story - Sholayered

SHOLAYERED is a modern lifestyle brand created by fragrance producer, SHO ISHIZAKA—a strong believer in practising Zen through everyday life.

Keeping the ideals of a clean and healthy Zen lifestyle at the forefront of its development, SHOLAYERED prides itself on using raw materials in an effort to minimise the environmental impact it has on the world. Creating products that incorporate high-quality, natural materials that are free of toxins, SHOLAYERED promotes a healthy and beautiful lifestyle across its entire fragrance line.

1. Luxury through Simplicity

Simplicity transcends barriers and breaks down walls.

2. Zen inspired Calm

Finding peace within and accepting a state of nothingness. 

3. Peaceful Reflection

Realising that you are one with the journey of life and reflecting through meditation and pause.

4. Connecting through Breath

Slowing down to appreciate the steady pattern of deep breathing.

5. Engaging the Senses

Aromatherapy through mood-enhancing scents to elicit natural feelings and healing.

The key to creating a disruptive fragrance lies in the innovative production methods that set it apart from more conventional perfumes and colognes. Most conventional perfumes have a three-layered scent structure called a "scent pyramid", which is constructed with a top note, middle note and base note.

The base note scent is what tends to leave a strong and long-lasting impression, which can sometimes overpower the pure, delicate layers of the fragrance notes underneath. SHOLAYERED aims to enhance the transparency of a scent by omitting this base note to expose the simplest form of the scent in the finish of each fragrance.

SHOLAYERED fragrances are uniquely developed to achieve the purest form of each scent’s middle and top notes. Without using a single hero base note, this process becomes reasonably complex as it reduces the number of components available to achieve the right balance.

Because of this distinctive development process, each fragrance is prototyped more than 20 times during production. Our team of fragrance experts then carefully hand-selects the scents that create the most transcendent olfactory experiences, which are then brought to the market.

Prior to the official launch of SHOLAYERED in 2013, over 1,000 different aromas and fragrances were tested to find the perfect balance. Our mission is to encourage our customers to find that same balance, via scent.