Brand Story - Kitowa

Created in 2018, KITOWA was developed using natural oils extracted from traditional Japanese wood and introduced for the first time as a home fragrance.
Hinoki (Japanese cypress), hiba ( Aomori cypress) and kusunoki (camphor tree) used for KITOWA, have all been chosen for their excellent durability and have been used for many years for the construction of wooden buildings. The fragrances of these comforting woody scents have noble presence, deeply rooted in the life of the Japanese. Very rarely introduced abroad, these trees are unfamiliar to people who do not live in Japan.
Kitowa Fragrance
This bold and innovative perfume, unique in the world, comes from the combination of rich and exotic scents. KITOWA contributes to the creation of a new time that perpetuates the heritage of Japanese incense culture, with a 450 year old incense history.

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