Hanada Reed Diffuser 縹 (はなだ)
Hanada Reed Diffuser 縹 (はなだ)

Hanada Reed Diffuser 縹 (はなだ)

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Hanada color 縹 (はなだ) is the color collected from the communis petals. This color was familiar to the masses during Edo Period of Japan.

Scents note Refreshing scent of greenery which conveys familiarity.

Contents: 100ml, 8 rattan sticks
Size: W70 x D61 x H91mm (glass bottle + pottery cap) H230mm (rattan stick) 
Package size: W69 × D74 × H240mm
Fragrance period: Approximately 2 months (depending on the usage environment) 
Made in Japan

AO has been inspired by Japanese powdered mineral pigments originating in ancient times. Each fragrance represents the history and uniqueness of the traditional shade of blue in a beautifully made reed diffuser with a pottery cap that suits your lifestyle. The lineup has been carefully designed to offer a relaxing sensory experience involving both the sense of smell and vision.

AO is Japanese fragrance brand inspired by ancient Japanese mineral pigments. It is a brand that expresses the history and individuality of traditional colors with scents. Deep sea and earth.

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There is a delicate, elegant, and pleasant margin that has never been seen in Japanese tastes. Designed to create a modern trend, it fits into any room. With AO items, you can have a relaxing time both visually and scented.

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