Hinoki Essential Oil – Wood
Hinoki Essential Oil – Wood
Hinoki Essential Oil – Wood
Hinoki Essential Oil – Wood

Hinoki Essential Oil – Wood

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 Rejuvenate the development of Japan's most beautiful villages and the sustainable growth of hinoki industry.
Japan Okayama hinoki LAB hand-picked hinoki natural essential oil series.


Hand picked natural essential oil of hinoki: wood
The hinoki grown in Okayama Prefecture extracts essential oil from carefully selected wood. Once you smell its fragrance, it can bring us peace and let us easily immerse in the forest bath. Because Japanese hinoki has been used for relaxation and sterilisation since ancient times, it can be used when mentally or physically tired to heal the body and mind. The smell of woody essential oil gives people a "cautious and dignified but unstoppable" association. The aroma is unique, especially as a gift for men. 



Okayama, Japan

Okayama is the main wood-producing area in Japan, especially hinoki. Through the cycle of logging, replanting and tree growth, hinoki LAB not only protects the forest cycle, but also benefits from the natural production of natural products. The scent of hinoki is very unique and delicate. In order to allow users to reproduce the scent of hinoki living in the forest, all the work used to extract essential oils is manually operated. Therefore, hand-picked leaves, branches and trees are an important part of this scent. At the same time, hinoki LAB products certainly do not use any synthetic fragrances or preservatives. Therefore, you can enjoy the real scent and effect of hinoki itself.



The most beautiful village in Japan in the northern part of Okayama Prefecture-"Shinjo Village"

With the population decline in Okayama area, as well as the birth rate and the aging population, hinoki LAB employ villagers from "Shinjo Village" in the northwestern part of Okayama Prefecture to manually pick hinoki and extract essential oil, hoping to help and support this called "Japan's most beautiful village continues to survive.






Carefully hand-collected steam-distilled Hinoki branch and leaves essential oil, having a light lemony, fresh-green odour with slightly woody note; rich in sesquiterpenes and diterpenes, consisting of unique diterpene - Hibaene.




Product name: Hinoki essential oil Wood
Contains: 5ml / 30ml
Raw material: Hinoki Wood (produced in Okayama prefecture)
Made in Japan

  • For a bath: 2-3 drops in the bathtub
  • For a sauna: add few drops to the water and splash it to the sauna rocks or coal for relaxing aroma steams.
  • To Refresh: 1-2 drops on tissues and handkerchiefs. Place on your bedside or desk and enjoy the scent.
  • For a diffuser: 3 to 6 drops. (electronic diffuser)