Hinoki LAB Aroma sachets
Hinoki LAB Aroma sachets
Hinoki LAB Aroma sachets
Hinoki LAB Aroma sachets
Hinoki LAB Aroma sachets
Hinoki LAB Aroma sachets
Hinoki LAB Aroma sachets
Hinoki LAB Aroma sachets

Hinoki LAB Aroma sachets

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Rejuvenate the development of Japan's most beautiful villages and the sustainable growth of hinoki industry
Japan Okayama hinoki LAB hand-picked hinoki natural essential oil series-hinoki scented bag (with essential oil)
Hinoki Wood
The hinoki cypress grown in Okayama Prefecture extracts essential oil from carefully selected wood. Once you smell its fragrance, it can bring us peace and let us easily immerse in the forest bath. The smell of woody essential oil gives people a "cautious and dignified but unstoppable" association. The aroma is unique, especially as a gift for men.

Hinoki Branches and leaves
The leaves and branches of hinoki cypress are picked one by one by hand, and they are carefully distilled using fresh spring water from the Okayama mountains. It exudes a refreshing fragrance like a forest bath, and the balance between the warm wood notes is very delicate.

Hinoki Leaf
The leaves used in hinoki LAB's hinoki cypress essential oil are very delicate and carefully selected by hand. Distilled carefully with clear spring water in Shinjo Village, Okayama Prefecture. When you use hinoki natural essential oil "leaf", it feels like being surrounded by a fresh fragrance, and if you close your eyes, you will think of the scenery in the forest. Hand-picked hinoki leaves, exquisite and elegant aroma, fresh and deep, like a forest bath, is the most advanced product in the series, can take you from a busy day to an extraordinary day.
Open the sachet, and then drop a few drops of hinoki essential oil into the wood chips.
  • Relaxation: Hanging in the room/bedside, the scent of hinoki trees helps to relax the body and mind.
  • As a deodorant: Hang the sachet in the place that needs to be deodorised, such as a hanger, wall, etc.
  • When studying or working: Hang the sachet in the corner of the desk or in the car.

After using the hinoki essential oil that comes with the sachet, you can purchase HINOKI LAB collection of natural essential oil, and then drop it into the wood chips to continue using the sachet.

Product name: Hinoki wood chip sachet / Hinoki essential oil 1ml
Raw material: Hinoki wood and Hinoki essential oil (produced in Okayama prefecture)
Made in Japan

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