Glass Incense Stand 75φ Blue Grey

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A glass incense stand reminiscent of ripples. Made of recycled glass from forgotten cathode-ray tube televisions and fluorescent lamps that are disappearing from society. Given new value to industrial products that have become familiar in our daily lives, and re-mould them as universal objects.

The usage of the incense stand depends solely on the end-users creativity; you can use it as an incense stand, place food on it, use it as a bookend, drop essential oils in or use it only as decor.

The materials used for wa/ter products are created from pieces of “garbage” that society has historically mass-produced, mass-consumed, and now is mass-discarding. After numerous steps to remove impurities, glass from CRT TVs' and
florescent tubes are reborn into beautiful blue-grey and light yellow-green glass.

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