Ku Paper Incense by Truck Design


Sage: A fresh scent similar to the scent of Artemisia.

Ylang-Ylang: A luscious sweet scent.

Tea Tree: A clean and cooling scent.

Lavender: A relaxing scent that helps to induce deep sleep.

Geranium: A delicate sweet scent similar to a rose, mixed with a fresh green scent.

Marin Woody: A refreshing scent like ocean wood.

Citronella: A fresh citrus green note scent.

Japanese Cypress: A tree scent for smoothing a restest mind.

How to use


Tear the leaves

The leaves can be placed inside wallets, card cases, or into glass containers to be used as a diffuser.

Light up

Set the leaves on fire, then extinguish. If the fire is left on, the scent will not be prominent.

 Light up

Place on mat

Please place the leaves on the included mat, with the mat placed on an ashtray or something similar.