Mysterious Mix Fragrance Diffuser 500ml
Mysterious Mix Fragrance Diffuser 500ml

Mysterious Mix Fragrance Diffuser 500ml

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Room diffuser that can enjoy the scent to the fullest.
the popular diffuser is now available for large capacity(500ml).

Fulfil an unmistakable feeling of luxury by selecting a different fragrance for each room (entrance, living room, and dining room), you can enjoy the effect of layering scents.

Simple and stylish design blends well with any space. The fragrance lasts for approximately three to four months. You can enjoy the diffuser longer by flipping the stick once every week. 

#Description of the scent can be viewed in the image

About the difference in the colour of the fragrance
Some citrus scent liquid such as lemon peel is yellow, however, it is not a defective product so please use it as it is. The reason the liquid being yellow is that it includes natural essential oil, so the fragrance of citrus tends to turn yellow.
Every year, there are differences in the colour of fruits harvested by the change of weather, however, there are no problems with the quality so please use it at ease.


Introducing a new way of choosing and enjoying the "layering of scent" as Sholayered wants to deliver the charm of “the scent of Made in Japan” from Japan to the world.

“SIMPLE = LUXURY Philosophy”
Simple. It is a design that transcends time, nationality, and gender.

The entire Sholayered lineup is “MADE IN JAPAN”. Strive for precise production, known as Japanese quality overlapping scents for endless possibilities of scents. Find your own way of using it by layering the scents. Luxury Quality, Modest Price.

"Casual Scent, Addictive"
A refreshing scent. Subtle sensuality with a fluffy scent. Matches the taste of Japanese culture which prefer delicate and clear scents. Light and easy-to-use scent. It is also recommended for those who do not usually use perfume.

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