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      Burnable Fragrance Booklet - Made in France

      Papier d' Armenie is a century-old fragrance brand from France. With its unique craftsmanship and only made in the Montrouge area of Paris.

      The history of Papier d' Armenie originated from a beauty that changed the history of incense. During an accidental trip, Founder Auguste discovered that the Armenian people burned benzoin to achieve incense, concentrated and sterilized effect, and he decided to import the product to France. After returning, he and his pharmacist, friend Henri Rivier develop a method of dissolving benzoin in 90% alcohol and then soaking the paper to absorb it, creating the first paper incense in 1885.

      Luxury products need the luxury of time. Each Papier d' Armenie booklet take six months to make with multiple process to create the complex scents. It uses natural ingredients with a certain lifestyle, a sure sign of good taste and underpinned by strong values regarding health and the environment.

      Recent years have consequently seen the emergence of new products. Papier d' Armenie has extended its range of new fragrances, a range of candles, and the cut and presentation of the strips redesigned.

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