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Eau de Toilette Body Spray 10ml

The creator behide Sholayered

Sholayered fragrances are known for their water-like translucency and fresh, light impression. This beautiful impression reflects both our minimalist philosophy and our unique perfuming techniques: we use an innovative production method that increases citrus and fruity notes and removes base notes.

As a result of all these efforts, we came up with our ‘subtly fragrant, yet addictive’ fragrances. I hope our simple, pure scents balance your mood and fill your home with positive energy.

Japanese Art of Scents

The entire lineup is “MADE IN JAPAN”.
Strive for precise production, known as Japanese quality. Overlapping scents for endless possibilities of scents. Find your own way of using it by layering the scents.
Luxury Quality , Modest Price.

Review About Sholayered


Got the sugar lychee body spray and it was amazing! Wish they had more scents! I was a huge fan of their spring bouquet when I was in Japan


So delicious, so lasting, so light, so memorable and so refreshing. Mix it up with other fragrances and what a delight!!!

Susie Kong

A very fresh scent that's super versatile with layering other scents on top to have a unique scent for yourself

100% recommend

Amanda T

I bought the travel size first, but I ended up buying the big one a few days after! My date at the time couldn't stop kissing me and hugging me because of how good I smelt. I love this scent so much!

Jamine U.

First product purchased from this brand and I am pleasantly surprised at how much I love this. It smells really great on its own & on clothes but I have also tried layering it with a white floral perfume and it makes the scent even better! I thought it was a plastic bottle but the glass bottle & weighty cap makes this product even better. Perfect purchase for summer and spring, highly recommend.