〝 From Garbage to Decor ″

      Between raw materials and the end product; a brand that reduces waste.
      What “value” means from the perspective of an interior designer.

      Hiroyuki Oguraan interior designer, has pursued creating long-serving, beautiful, and celebrated designs by making the most out of quality materials. However, during this process, Hiroyuki has witnessed many situations where large amounts of waste are created.

      This has led him to question the Japanese ‘scrap & build’ building culture where structures are simply demolished instead of being renovated or repurposed. With this in mind, Hiroyuki come to recognize the critical importance of questioning society in ways that only a designer could, using the power of design to give objects that have once lost their value a second life. 

      This is how wa/ter launched, a product brand centred around the idea of “the circular flow between people and the environment.”

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