Our Story

It is all about aroma.

With a passionate drive to exceed expectations, we thrive on delivering the best shopping experience and bringing fascinating scents to our customers. 

Normcore Fragrance is a leading retailer and distributor of personal and home fragrance in Perth. Here you will discover the most coveted and beautiful niche perfume, incense, candle, diffuser and range of products that suit every occasion and mood. By offering quality service, we hope our customer will have a pleasant experience in our shop.

As we continue to expand our product range, we dedicated to sourcing perfumer from all around the world. Each brand is carefully selected from us to ensure the high-quality niche luxury fragrances are presented. Our partnership with unique brands including KITOWA and SHOLAYERED allows us to bring you exclusive products and scent journey.

Express your own story through scent. Let it become a statement.