Daily Incense by Trunk Design


The Awaji Island of Japan is the prominent birthplace of numerous incenses since around the 1840’s, when the winds blowing from the West and the climate of Awaji Ichinomiya district was discovered to be ideal for incense making. We’ve selected five soothing scents straight from Awaji Island, where 70% of incense production takes place.

Each tube contains 45 incense sticks that burns up to 20 minutes each

Camelia: It has a soothing effect and can reduce sensitivity.

Sage: A fresh scent similar to the scent of Artemisia.

Casablanca: Also known as "Queen of Lily", it has a gorgeous smell.

Gardenia: A clear tea aroma, elegant and refinded.

Sandalwood: A claiming, relaxing scent that relieves mental tension.

Geranium: A delicate sweet scent similar to a rose, mixed with a fresh green scent.

Japanese Cypress: A tree scent for smoothing a restest mind.

Tea Tree: A clean and cooling scent.

Lavender: A relaxing scent that helps to induce deep sleep.

Ylang-Ylang: A luscious sweet scent.