Eau de Parfum KUSUNOKI

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Normcore Fragrance is introducing Eau de Parfum KUSUNOKI from KITOWA.

KITOWA Eau De Parfum KUSUNOKI was created by fusing Japanese traditional incense practices ​​and rich fragrance. This fragrance is perfect for intelligent and passionate adults who loves freedom. A fresh citrus scent to express your open-minded, free-spirited and charismatic personality.

KITOWA Eau De Parfum KUSUNOKI contains camphor oil from Yakushima.

A pleasant harmony of refreshing bergamot and grapefruit with the refreshing scent of camphor tree that symbolizes tropical trees. The floral of Muguet floats gorgeously, and the musky tone invites you to the sensual last note.

KITOWA uses naturally derived alcohol extracted from sugar cane which features a mellow scent that can be gently put on the skin.

TOP: Bergamot Orange Grapefruit

MIDDLE: Camphor tree cashmere wood

BASE: Musk Vanilla Far Balsam

Content: 100 ml

Made in Japan

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