KAORI Kengo Kuma
KAORI Kengo Kuma
KAORI Kengo Kuma
KAORI Kengo Kuma
KAORI Kengo Kuma
KAORI Kengo Kuma

KAORI Kengo Kuma

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In 2014, Daiko scented the works of world-leading Japanese architect Kengo Kuma at “Sensing Spaces,” the world’s most creative architecture exhibition held in London. KAORI Kengo Kuma is a miniature version of the works. A collaboration of Japan’s traditional scents and a delicately designed structure assembled with fine bamboo sticks, it is a diffuser that can be enjoyed both the sense of sight and smell.

Pavilion of Incense exhibited three types of aromatherapy, cypress, tatami and moss.
These three fragrances are inspired by the moss and cypress wood on the way to the shrines and temples, and the tatami scents that make people feel calm after entering the house.

Contents: 3 kinds of fragrances 30g each (cypress, tatami, moss)
Body size: W176xH25mm (pottery)
Package size: W224xD54xH295mm
Fragrance period: Approximately 6 months (depending on the usage environment)
Made in Japan

Cypress is a coniferous tree of the genus Sabina, a cypress family distributed in Japan. The incense of cypress, which has long been regarded as a precious tree, is always refreshing.

Tatami is a traditional Japanese bed material. Use rush to prepare.

It grows and spreads on the ground and rock surfaces, and is often used in Japanese gardens and potted plants.

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