Porcelain Room Diffuser HIBA

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Normore Fragrance is introducing a Porcelain Room diffuser HIBA from KITOWA.

KITOWA Arita Porcelain Room diffuser HIBA uses the origin of Japanese porcelain to make the container. A novel diffuser that absorbs the scent with a new material porcelain stick in a stylish rectangular parallelepiped container. Each KITOWA Porcelain is handmade by 224 Porcelain, making a unique difference in colour and shape.

KITOWA Porcelain Room Diffuser HIBA contains Hiba oil from Aomori prefecture. The contrast between the pine needle and tea tree gives a refreshing feeling to the solid woody scent. Sweet and warm Tonka Bean and Amber spread as keynotes, giving a luxurious finish. 

KITOWA uses naturally derived alcohol extracted from sugar cane which gives you a mellow scent on the skin.

How to use

Pour the KITOWA Porcelain Room Diffuser HIBA into the container, cover it, and insert the porcelain stick (made of porcelain). 

Adjust the intensity of the fragrance by adjusting the amount of fragrance. 

The scent can last for about 4 weeks, depending on the environment. The fragrance will be adsorbed with porcelain stick which will continue spreading scents when the fragrance has been used up. 

Contents: 200 ml

Set contents: Container, lid, porcelain stick, fragrance Refill 200 ml

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