Porcelain Diffuser Refill HINOKI

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Normore Fragrance is introducing a Porcelain Diffuser Refill HINOKI from KITOWA.

KITOWA Porcelain Diffuser Refill HINOKI contains cypress oil from Mie prefecture. The luxurious cypress scents expressing the gorgeousness by adding Geranium and Iris. The sandalwood has also been added depth to create a well-balanced yet sophisticated aroma. 

How to use

Pour the KITOWA Porcelain Diffuser Refill HINOKI into the container, cover it, and insert the porcelain stick (made of porcelain). 

Adjust the intensity of the fragrance by adjusting the amount of fragrance. 

The scent can last for about 4 weeks, depending on the environment. The fragrance will be adsorbed with porcelain stick which will continue spreading scents when the fragrance has been used up. 

Contents: 200ml

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